Beauty Spells – Learn What One Can Expect From Witchcraft Spells

You may have heard someone talking about Witchcraft Spells and in particular beauty spells. Or perhaps you have found reference to them in your spiritual searches and you want to know more about them. They do exist although some of the extreme magical claims (such as those promising radical results) are not practical. I will give you an outline about the history and nature of spells here and also what to expect from this type of Spell.

The Origin of Beauty Spells

When we think of ancient magic, we think of curses or spells which are meant to enchantment your power. This idea is facilitated by both Hollywood and popular culture. Spells related to beauty, are some of the oldest magic around. You can find evidence from them dating back to Ancient Egypt and every civilisation since then! You can find traces in every single major religion.

What are Beauty Spells and How Do They Really Work?

The definition of this type of spell is hard to narrow down. In short, however, it gives reference to any spell, incantation, glamour or invocation that has the ability to enhance of physical attractiveness of a person. These spells can increase social marketability, increase the sex appeal of a person or it can enhance the physical body (such as getting rid of acne or enhancing breast size). In short, attraction-boosting magic refer to magic which will improve physical attractiveness and/or overall appeal.

There are three categories of beauty spells used in witchcraft. The first one manipulates the attractiveness of a person and it is called physical beauty charms. The next category changes the appearance or demeanor of a person. These spells are called a characteristic beauty spells. The last type changes how other people view you and it will cause them to view you as being more attractive. These refer to external perceptions spells.

This will give you a great overview of beauty spells.

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